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  • How to forge a burgeoning Empire in Anno 1800
    Heure : May. 13, 2019 De : SCDKey

    ANNO 1800 Uplay Key is one of the most entertaining urban promoters of recent years. However, to build a thriving industrial metropolis, players must master many different systems, from learning complex production chains to understanding the finer aspects of the business. It also has a surprising depth, making it easy to overlook some of its smaller mechanisms at its own disadvantage.

    But do not worry, young industrialists! The production line is the backbone of each city in Anno 1800. Most of the buildings it builds are part of a chain into which raw materials have entered and where a spent element needs the people of their city.

    However, efficient production does not only include the construction of all the buildings in the chain. The building in question must be connected to a road and near a warehouse so that the goods produced can be stored quickly. No matter how far apart two chain buildings are. If both are near a department store, they can access the resources they need.

    In addition, each installation and plant you build requires a certain number and type of population to function effectively. It is important to verify that you meet the quota of required citizens before proceeding with a construction project. Otherwise, you may be wasting money and resources in a building that you still can not pay.

    Finally, some resources produced, such as iron blocks, are used to make many other products. So you have to make sure you have enough in stock. This can be done by installing more metallurgical plants, starting production or importing through trade.

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