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  • Great Tales Game-Tales of Vesperia
    Heure : Jul. 3, 2020 De :

    The Tales series is one of the oldest Japanese role-playing franchise companies (JRPG). Starting with Tales of Phantasia in Super Famicom, the series was successful in Japan, but like other well-known franchises like Shin Megami Tensei, it only grew in the West in the GameCube / PS2 era.


    After playing around with much of the Vesperia version for the Nintendo Switch, you can safely say that this is definitely one of the best Tales games on the market. Compared to other great JRPGs and even its own series, Vesperia lacks the influence necessary to occupy a player.


    Tales of Vesperia follows Yuri Lowell (voiced mainly by Troy Baker), a rude former gentleman who only wants to help his people in the slums of the capital. After Yuri and the player are thrown into the prison and immediately leave the prison, they embark on an adventure that cannot be avoided. Along the way, he encounters several colorful Tales characters, including royal winners like Rita and Raven, and uncovers a conspiracy to escalate a major war.



    Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is beautiful to watch, especially compared to its predecessors in Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss. It makes sense that this game is the jump from PS2 to Xbox 360, but it still holds up very well in the remake. The main characters have some of my favorite designs in the series, and the dungeons are very detailed and cool to explore.


    The music in the game also contains catchy tunes and exceptional songs, which is actually a surprise for the series. And this game had great songs. The different combat themes are wonderful and the cities have their own good music. The overall sound design is quite satisfactory because fleshy bumps get fleshy sounds. Vesperia also has one of the best POs in the series and is only struck by Zesteria's incredible "White Light" which was ironically the best part of this game.

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